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The Danforth family has been farming and raising livestock since before Nicholas Danforth left Framlingham, England bound for America in 1632.  Our ancestors moved to Wilkes County, Georgia and settled a little community called Danforthtown in 1826.  Today, that community is called Danburg, Georgia.  Family members continued to move south looking for better farmland until they settled in Berrien County, Georgia in 1911 on some of the same land we farm today.

Danforth Family Farms is owned and operated by Terry and Lisa Danforth, along with their children Clayton and Lauren.  Grandchildren Tripp, Reed and Aubree also help out on the farm.

We believe it is our responsibility to take care of the land and animals that God has blessed us with.  After all, we are just "the keeper of his garden" (Genesis 2:15).  It is our goal to produce wholesome, quality and tasty meat products that are healthy and free from growth hormones, stimulants and antibiotics at a price that is affordable to all.  As our logo says, we are "Feeding our Family and Yours."

We appreciate your business, support and prayers.

The Danforth Family 

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Currently we offer fresh, smoked and cured pork products.  Our pork chops, bacon, sausage, ribs, hams and other cuts come from animals raised on our family farm.  We hope to offer grain fed beef in the next few months.  Like our pork, they will be raised on our family farm.

Our website is a work in progress.  We will continue to add and update as we progress.  Thank you for your patience.

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P O Box 1053, Nashville, GA 31639

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